Erin Martin

Erin moved into the nursery industry in 2007 where he learnt the finer points of keeping smaller plants alive & healthy. Since starting AGP in 2011 he is continually learning the joys of running a business.

With a serious passion for permaculture & sustainable growing, AGP has developed over the years to focus on corporate installs and cafe/restaurant spaces as a way of sharing his vision with the public on a larger canvas.


Amy Hughes

The maintenance management of the business, Amy has a genuine love of gardening.

She always takes the time and goes the extra mile to ensure the plants used at every job are of the highest possible standard.

 Amy regularly oversees most of our corporate maintenance & plant hire care.


Jake Mikhael

Our number one stonemason, Jake is an expert at landscape construction and one of the hardest workers you’ll ever see. If the jobs an early start or a 40 degree day he doesn’t even bat an eyelid and gets the job done.

You'll see Jake involved in the front line of most of our garden creations.




Erin's right hand man, an Australian stumpy tailed cattle dog.

He's a lovely timid little man who does nothing without first looking for permission from his owner.  

His favourite place is on the back of the truck & often refuses to leave no matter what (especially if its raining).